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2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival

The 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival - Legend of the Silk Road will be grandly opened on the evening of October 27th.

Jack Ma ranks second on the list of the world's top 50 leaders, affecting not only China, but the world!

People who change the world will be remembered by the world after all. The "global responsibility" of Jack Ma and Alibaba Group has been respected and recognized by the world.

Moutai, with a market value of 800 billion, chose Alibaba

China's well-known and well-known enterprises have attracted countless companies to compete for their cooperation, including Ma Huateng and Liu Qiangdong. But in the end he chose Alibaba. This company is Maotai Liquor Industry.

Kangyi Leather Goods, was invited to enter Tencent headquarters

On January 12, 2018, the second phase of the Baiyun District Science and Technology Innovation Capability Improvement Advanced Seminar, initiated by the Baiyun District Science and Technology Progress Foundation, came to a successful conclusion. Jingdong Smart Milk Tea House, the last visit to Shenzhen Tencent Headquarters, Guangzhou Baiyun District Kangyi Leather Products Factory, as a powerful enterprise, is honored to be invited to visit various benchmarking companies, learn the corporate culture, management experience, and see the high-tech enterprises. technical products.

Kangyi bags, gifts from the God of Wealth, good luck for construction

February 27, 2018 is the opening day of Kangyi Luggage and Bags. The 20-day annual leave is over, and a new year is ushered in. All the staff of Kangyi are beaming with joy, the God of Wealth will send profits, and the sound of firecrackers.... ...what a boom!

Warmly celebrate Kandexs Leather Factory won the title of "Contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise" in 2017

Guangzhou Baiyun District Kangyi Leather Products Factory has been adhering to the business tenet of "professional welcomes applause, quality creates the future", honest, trustworthy, professional and efficient Enterprise style, to win the trust and support of domestic and foreign customers.

Leiyang Kangyi luggage passed the RBA and ISO9001:2015 audit certification

August 2019 is a red happy month and a harvest month. After more than a year of hard work by all the company's staff, Leiyang Kangyi Electronic Luggage Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the RBA audit and audit, and ISO9001:2015 quality certification. It has become a manufacturer of computer bags and game console bags for DELL, an internationally renowned company. The colleagues were so excited that they were speechless when they knew that they had passed it smoothly. But this is just a happy start, we are not arrogant or impetuous, and immediately devote ourselves to the follow-up work. It is our ultimate goal to make products well and serve customers well.

Xiaomi brings home the new 2019 gaming laptops, are you ready?

At 10:00 on August 16th, the Xiaomi gamebook will be sold on all platforms. Are you ready to bring the 2019 Xiaomi gamebook home? No matter how hard you are, you can’t be hard on e-sports, no matter how poor you are, you can’t be poor in equipment! Is your computer still stuck? The Xiaomi game book is not happy to save! Break the news that your computer crashes instantly. Equipped with the latest ninth generation Intel Core processor + RTX 2060 alone!
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