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Luggage handbag factory management experience (one)

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"I. Introduction: 

Focusing on implementation; no matter what you do, have a good planning blueprint, the provisions easier to perform difficult. In fact, difficult to perform like this embarrassing thing, is not uncommon, thought-provoking is difficult to effectively implement, the other provisions of a general nature, if not pay attention to the implementation, how the effect? It goes without saying that life due to the implementation of ineffective, leaving a dead letter of the provisions of the phenomenon, is still uncommon, any of its provisions are formed, they are focusing on implementation, in order to make the work truly effective, senior leadership attention, senior leaders participation is key. Senior leadership attention can often be calling the shots, making the work of achieving a multiplier effect, strictly enforced, at every level, is a means of ensuring the work carried out, focusing on the implementation of the provisions. 

"Chapter One": work etiquette.

Work etiquette - is essential for daily life must be content to respect others, respect everyone have contact with their work, learn to live in harmony with others, parties will work easy and enjoyable.

<< A >> to get along with the boss,

a1, attitude respectful, polite, smiling to greet the initiative to meet.

a2, into the office should first knock on the door, before they get into the allowable charge.

a3, for the boss to ask questions, the answer should be standing, not looked around, scratching, or say: NO.

a4, obey their superiors of work, does not talk back to your boss, you should follow the "first obedience complaint" principle.

a5, and consciously safeguard the image of the company and its leadership, not free to destroy the bottom of abuse by company and leadership.

a, 6, when the boss is working with others to speak, dealing with official business, or listen to the phone, the lower side should wait or return his seat, not free to interrupt the work of the boss.

a7, work with your boss to be more complex, more suggestions.

<< B >> and subordinates along:

b1, lower respect for superiors, subordinates respect for superiors,

<B2> a problem can not be yelled at or blamed,

<B3> When lifting the lower right advice, you should consider the heart to accept.

<B4> for the lower grades should be more recognition to make them more confident motivated to work.

<B5 "learn to establish a leadership authority, to become influential people.

"B6" to create a relaxing environment, give full play to subordinates.

<< C >>, along with colleagues:

C1, courtesy, harmony, unity and colleagues.

<Chapter II> Quality Awareness Education:

A, quality objectives: the new personnel into the plant and in-service education and training personnel quality consciousness, so that the company's quality policy, quality objectives, quality and commitment if the quality of the entire system through understanding.

B, quality content:

<B1> Quality Policy: work together to do our best.

"B2" quality goals: continue to improve, the pursuit of excellence, customers agree.

<B3> Quality Commitment:

Shipments of zero defects, 100% accurate delivery. The company quality system compliance "ISO9002 international standards, through the development and implementation of relevant operating procedures management practices, work instructions, job responsibilities and other books, in order to meet customer requirements to achieve Our quality goals and quality policy, the relevant departments and personnel required to comply this book departmental procedures, work instructions, individual job responsibilities to book jobs, such as: test basis having goods seized books go for quality determination, turner basis having the car industry work instructions to the job.

"Chapter III" QC competent work of subordinates to teach:


<A> Check the semi-finished products: first before the bag did not begin production kanban to see production, to understand the quality of each process, and then the control board bags, explain to subordinate each process.

"A1", check printing: printing and check the car took the position and color to fade and the board can not have the same phenomenon.

"A2", check hemming: hemming can not have a floating line, jumper, bent not straight, refers to the mouth sizes, pitch can not be too thin, too thick.

"A3" check around: first check the dark line around the barge, La teeth and around the teeth at the bottom of the barge when there is no alignment, there is no bent pin, open wire two straight lines shall not bend, do not float, non-jumper .

"A4", together in a dark line: in the investigation together in a dark line, pay attention refers to the mouth can not be greater than 3 points, it can not be discounted, pitch to be in 5-pin half an inch 6 needles about color flower color line to be used with materials close to or the same color.

"A5", check bagging: the bagging to be positive, not be crooked, needle point in the middle of the bottom, heavy line shall half inch needle position weight can not be split.

"A6>, Tzara bone: bone pull the four corners of the same size are required, the material can not wrinkle, not tilt, can not be on the bone. "A7" seized with: Button direction you want to do the same with the same.

"A8" check Zipper: zipper not from the waves, flat Rab shall not wrinkle, and slider direction shall do the same, non-reversible, must hand to the zipper pull back and forth a few times, not too tight, pull-tab can not paint chips and many more.

"A9" search handle: Handle with intermediate distance to do the same, two crossed to the same size, and position to do the same.

"A10" Richard Mody of paste: Mody of paste to be one or both of the heavy needle, not crooked car, hook hair can not anti-car, where you want and do the same

"A11" check plastic card, the standard cloth: cloth brand and non-standard car and fell down, the car in the wrong place, crooked car and so on.

"A12" Charles mesh: mesh front surface is smooth, the surface roughness of the back, mesh cloth edges can not wrinkle, do not burst open, gently pull a pull.

"A13" Charles Pen: The pen is inserted in the investigation, first look at the two bent pin is in place, and then try the pen size.

"A14" check outside pocket: pocket in the investigation, the two sides should pay attention to the level of non-difference.

"A15" Charles Ribbon: Ribbon is not available Artex, color, knots, thickness, hardness and so on.

"A16" check back panel: check the web will be a good post-strap length shall be the same as under the ladder buckle strap size to be a cross, like, triangular head webbing shall be half an inch off, both sides must be aligned, not specified inverse triangle attention.

"A17" Buried bags: front width can not be buried in the wrong, do not bury the contrary, can not be buried in the bone can not be buried wrinkled, discounts, such as pinholes.

"A18" Charles finished wrapping: No bag is empty, pitch can not be too thin, too close, to be about 1 inch 6-pin.

"A19" Note: a finished bags of materials and accessories shall be run with the same data and, where appropriate to use the force of the power of pull it can not float or off-line.

"A20" all connections to pick a half inches long and weighs a needle to re-line, can not be split.

"A21" can not be buried in the main pouch bags edging one-off shall be bold lines with # 606.

"A22" from the surface of the needle should be consistent with the standard 1-inch needle 7, (at least not less than 6-pin, no more than 8-pin). <B> Richard finished bags:

<B1> First look at Office and production, to be familiar with every procedure bags do.

<B2> finished bags to look beautiful, not to stain, dirt, materials Artex, Obscure material, thread, pitch, crooked bags, color and so on.

<B3> Hardware brand, screen printing, car flowers, embroidery location is correct. Handle strap size is consistent with the board.

<B4> Hardware brand unplayable deformed or missing play, fade, inside edging can not burst open, the package can not be empty. SP heavy line shall half an inch needle, PP thread the needle to be heavy than 1 inch.

<B5> buried bags can not crooked, can not be on the bone from the bone, two front pockets to front pieces must be the same height. All sides of this line is to paint the same cloth, not with the other line instead.

<< C >>: checks before packing: international standard recognized in accordance with ISO902, 300 or less full investigation, more than 300 pro rata checks. << D >> 100 Zhi less full investigation, more than 100 pro rata checks. Serious and minor quality, in accordance with international standard ISO Cheng said do. "Chapter IV": "Each department job responsibilities book:


<A>, Manifold Responsibilities book:

a1, then notify the owner, plans to produce, fill out the schedule table, schedule the budget table.

a2, track the progress of each of the production units of work and make appropriate adjustments, if necessary outside the processing.

a3, internal affairs and supervision of personnel, agency boss handle all the affairs of the factory, as a representative of management to promote the ISO.

a4, responsible for the production schedule and quality. <B>, workshop director Responsibilities book:

b1, tracking and monitoring of progress workshop production workshop production quality.

b2, assist in tracking workshop materials, and workshops each mantissa bags and feeding a single review.

<C>, guiding the work of the workshop (leader) Responsibilities: The Book

c1, according to the tasks to be ranked according to plan and arrange staff jobs and working conditions and the quality of supervision of employees, requiring employees to check the quality of their own habits.

C2, grab the progress and quality of the group, proposed corrective encounter problems when anxious to reflect the higher authorities, and take to improve treatment methods.

C3, requiring employees to clean daily tram before work, finishing materials do 5S job.

C4, before work would send all defective products manufactured defective products turner, improve teaching methods, and tracking process.

C5, bags and run off the assembly line after the rest of the bag shall be returned to the relevant classification, shall be kept on the production line (also the original board back into place) under extra bag to the packaging unit, defective materials destroyed.

<D>, transceiver Responsibilities book:

<D1>: Job Content: Material income collar and released.

<D2> Job scope: the number of materials inventory, materials display, on-line material tracking, material processed offline.

<D3> job step:

<D4> according to the production schedule, to find the same number of a single system and a single system to do the bag, and the bag according to the system of single office name, size, color and quantity of data to collect materials sent collar sectors. After the inventory of the material sent in the correct feeding on a single signature, if the error immediately and feed Rapporteur to clarify things and then feed on single corrections, re-signed.

<D5> the material received by the workshop of the regional classification neatly, incoming status report from time to time and do a good job on a single wire less material report card to the workshop director, workshop director or guidance to workers (leader).

<D6> in accordance with the guidance of workers (leader) instructions issued to each parking space or material relevant departments, the remaining material to be offline after sorting good return preparation department, warehouse, cutting, preparation or preservation.

<D7> material must be prepared to do a single consistent and bags, the material must be placed neatly by region, to ensure the accuracy of the number of the same single-system material, the content must be "material anomaly report" clearly separated when such color color.

<D8> cutting materials placed Ingredients area, warehouses, preparation of materials placed deputy feed zone shall be placed neatly. Precious materials and small pieces of material to be locked in a wooden box, when issuing material to fill in the date and the number of parking spaces in the name of the send and receive materials list.

<D9> mailroom parking is prohibited without permission to get into the material and others, placed the material is not too high, can not block the aisle, do not receive the wrong and the wrong material.

@ @: The following points shall have to guide workers "or head of the" workshop director reports.

1, material color,

2, material failure,

3, the number does not match.

4, missing material, material with a single system board and the bag does not match.

<E>: cutting Master (Leader) Responsibilities: The Book

<E1> single notification in accordance with the system ready for work <board bags, paper grid>.

<E2>, good material inspection, do the actual work of typesetting, is expected to open in the process to carefully check the quality of the pieces and the production schedule,

<E3>, is not expected to open before the first known paper out of the skin when a few pieces to get the supervisor is expected to open before the signature confirmation.


<E4>, do one hundred percent accurate mass quantity to the workshop, if the color and other problems, by notice in writing signed by the person in charge of the workshop before.

<F>: preparation unit leader Responsibilities book:

<F1>, by manufacturing a single notice to the warehouse picking, reclaim materials shall be carefully checked <color, size, quantity, etc.>.

<F2>, according to the manufacturer notice the size and dimensions of the control board is expected to open the bag, if there are questions to be anxious reaction, carefully check the quality at the time of preparation, try to save material, the prepared materials to advance the workshop.

<G>: Warehouse Responsibilities book:

<G1>, feed 40 percent of the sampling points and quality, if necessary, all seized,

<G2>, each into a material to be anxious when you do a swatch to the authorities concerned before signature hair material,

<G3>, failed to get away as soon as the processing and tracking of materials, the better the quality of each material off, if there are questions to the higher response, etc. to deal with so far.

<H>: packaging Responsibilities book:

<H1>, do the daily work by row, the number of completed daily workshop under the bag.

<H2>, the good quality packaging shut off and the lower the number of bags, pay attention to the accuracy of the number of crates, boxes and review whether Marks and comply with data, if the problem timely response, good shipping ready to ship the exact number can not be counted mistaken.

<H3>, do the finished products warehouse within each bag marked, indicating the number of each box, easy mistake to avoid when shipped.

<I>: Accounting Responsibilities: The Book

<I1>, responsible for the daily settlement employee piecework hourly wage and overtime, Verification departments production schedule quantity.

<I2>, written a month before the 3rd wages bag, is responsible for keeping good wages table, not random people in the wages table alter wages,

<I3>, abnormal responsible for completing daily wage employees, to the superiors.

<J>: Personnel Responsibilities book:

<J1>, responsible for logistics (kitchen, dormitories health, recruitment, arrange bed, into the plant to handle formalities), for the new plant into the personnel files remain at the end, factory certificate and related documents, and leave the factory personnel procedures.

"J2" inside and outside the plant is responsible for checking fire safety and health work inside and outside the plant.

"K": team leader job responsibilities glue book:

"K1", without being pre-production, glue leader to advance their own test a few pieces of material, to understand the effect of glue to avoid errors. When using glue to keep a good glue, because the glue is flammable, avoid the sun and close to the fire, cover tightly, shall be placed in a cool place. "K2",

Leader at work to open the doors and windows to allow air circulation.

"K3", as found in the production of poor adhesion shall stop production and try again, try not to issue up in full production. "K4", before the glue is not used to know, first look at the instructions glue, glue hold grip understand the performance, what proportion of the dilute solution agent how much, what kind of material can be bonded, to avoid using the wrong poor results.

"K5>, teaching staff do glue when he first control board to do a few, and then you want to make it clear to employees the quality of materials and bonding methods such as placing.

<K6>, always check made to the quality of staff and working methods and the use of glue.

<K7>, make the employees work to advance press row, staff, and other goods to avoid the phenomenon of no goods to do, the staff would like to set per day, to strengthen the quality awareness of employees, work serious work, less talk and more work, saving glue.

<K8>, supervise employees to work stockpiling, cleaning tools, floor table health.

<L>: <security job responsibilities Books>:

<L1>, responsible for the entire plant life and property safety, maintenance of law and order factory order to stop the factory fight; fighting; gambling and those who were deliberately damaged public.

<L2>, supervise employees to work and punch line up Dafan order.

<L3>, the factory responsible for fire safety supervision departments after work window, power supply, etc., check the registration of vehicles entering and leaving the factory, the reception of foreign candidates, to the Ministry of Personnel Examination.


4, security work are: factories, dormitories, security authority is to stop, to the higher authorities, and supervision work.

<Chapter V> A: VALUATION and count: <a1>, written in pencil, neatly common color material written together.

<A2>, to keep the seam parts, each generally stay 3/8 with each tube of the left quarter, to distinguish the pieces and cut strips, the two do not mix layout.

<A3>, when the layout of each remaining 1/8 (both sides Total 1/4) loss as a die cutter.

<A4>, a measure of pieces, to the longest and largest local prevail, but if irregular use the actual layout.

<A5>, divided by the practical width cloth with size (width plus 2 points) and divide the number of knives.

B: Conference of the calculation:

Fabric width <b1> divided by the Conference of the width is equal to the number of volumes, take a length of the bag 36 inches divided by the amount equal to an amount of bags, bags retake a practical amount multiplied by an equal number of bags of a total number of bags.

<B2> bags to set out the specifications (length X width X height), to separate some parts that you want to cut and the related way to understand the specifications of the fabric.

Specifications <b3> shall set out the material.

C: package sideband bias cut calculation methods:

Divided by the width of the tape wrapping (to get material width minus 1 inch) and is equal to the number. Take a length divided by the amount and the number of bags in addition to the length of 36 inches by 1.5 inch equals one bag usage.

D: The following example is calculated as follows: Usually it once Long PU material, the width is 60 inches, it had rubber-soled material is 58 inches long, for example, a bag on front length 23.25 inches, a width of 21.125 inches, front pocket length is 5.375 inches and a width of 3.875 inches, the length is 33.75 inches around the body, the width is 2.5 inches,

Calculated as follows:

1, take the 58-inch addition to the original cloth before web width 21.125 inches (0.25 inches plus loss) equal to 2.713 (number of knives),

2, take the length of 23.25 inches before the web, (plus loss of .25 inches) divided by 2 (knife) divided by 36 inches equals 0.326 yards.

3, take the 58-inch width in addition to raw materials before the bag width 3.875 inch (0.25-inch plus loss) equal to 14 (number of knives)

4, take the front pocket length 5.375 inch (0.25 inch loss) divided by 14 (the knife) divided by 36 inches equals 0.01066 yards.

5, take the 58-inch width of material divided by the width of the body around the 2.75-inch (0.25-inch plus loss) equal to 21 (number of knives),

6, take a length of 33.75 inches around the body (0.5 inch plus loss) divided by 21 (the knife) divided by 36 inches is equal to 0.0453 yards, only 0.383 yards bags available material.

E: How to build plastic bags:

1, the first folded the bag, the bag with a soft measuring tape around the widest point circle, and then divided by 2, length and width the same amount, but need to add the 2.5-inch (Note: The maximum bag does not exceed 5 inches).

F: How to build carton:

1 by weight to build customer requirements.

2, the amount of cartons method is to take a few finished bags, the bag folded together with accessories to put together a pound weight strapped up, the amount of the bag long by wide by high, the actual dimensions of the space plus 2 cm. Then booked two cardboard boxes as the test case, the test box after passing calling carton plant production (order).

G: Container calculation:

Usually there are three containers, 20 feet: 40 feet: 45 feet: 40 feet heightening heightening 45 feet. 20 feet container can hold 1000 plot only 40 feet container can hold 2000 before product, 45-foot container can hold only 2250 product. 40-foot container can hold 2200 only heightened species, heightening 45 feet container can hold 2600 until the plot. Formula: carton ships with cm computing, his calculation is: long by wide by high feed rate multiplied by 35.32 equals 1 divided by 1 million boxes to the plot. Take a cardboard box was a product of multiplying the bag carton only product is equal to the product container.


"Chapter VI" Simple and count method:

1, the passenger shall take the width divided by the length of material 36 inches divided by the width equal to the number of incoming code used,

2. Calculation of line: Take the length multiplied by 3.5 times the amount divided by 36 inches shall be equal to the amount of yardage. Take the bag of the actual amount divided by the actual number of the incoming code number is equal to the amount.

3, packet-zone and calculated in a single tube:

Packet-zone is to take an amount equal to the length of 36 inches in addition to the code number. It is calculated in a single tube: 2.5mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 50 yards. 3.0mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 40 yards, 3.0mm tube Article 1 lbs = 50 yards. 3.5mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 35 yards. 3.5mm tube Article 1 lbs = 45 yards. 4.0mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 23 yards, 4.0mm tube Article 1 lbs = 28 yards. 4.5mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 17 yards 4.5mm tube Article 1 lbs = 20 yards. 5.0mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 15 yards. 5.0mm tube Article 1 lbs = 18 yards. 5.5mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 13 yards. 5.5mm tube Article 1 lbs = 15 yards. 7.0mm single-tube Article 1 lbs = 6 yards. 7.0 mm tube Article 1 lbs = 10 yards. 6 points sling 1 lbs = 35 yards, seven minutes sling 1 lbs = 30 yards. 1 inch sling 1 lbs = 25 yards.

"Chapter VII": first-line departments to prepare working standards and work instructions:

A: cutting:

<A1>: cutting master or leader received a higher first find the notice board and grid paper bags checked Die have no problem with die cutter to open a cardboard instead of materials, mainly to get the department to check, and then by the Leader in cardboard signature valid.

<A2>, the first to check the quality and color of the incoming short yardage or the like is not expected to open before, when a material: cutting required actual typesetting and count, so that material savings.

<A3>, generally straight points to bag the material and cross-feed, the feed must be open straight open direct feed, the open cross-cut pieces of material must not be open cross-feed error. Thickness according to the provisions of the plant is expected to open beer operations, rights reserved.

<A4> to open a good material piled up, according to the provisions of the place away, if too much material to fit the need to put other places to hang nameplate stacked material in place, indicating the number of factory and manufacturing a single number, bulky materials unusable pieces need improvement and material use.

B: Warehouse:

<B1>, warehouse keeper in the notice after the first checks from a superior material ready to send the production sector, due to the number or quality of materials, warehousing written response to the parent to know, such as once, twice, not processed, you must written again reacted to give a straight processed.

<B2 ", to maintain the quality OK, Warehouse sends the material must be related to the procedure laid down factory jobs (requisition, fed single) and so on, and made by the relevant authorities before the signature material.

<B 3 "send requisition signed and registered" stream memory card "recorded daily work is completed, all the" collar / feeding single "Get Warehouse bookkeeper recorded at registration.

<B 4 "material not approved by the general manager can not verify that the card sends the material,

<B5 "prepared material after checking the code number sent to the correct cutting, or other departments to fill in if unusual preparation / sends the material anomaly report. Requisition, feeding a single, one and two together, after receipt of a joint to the receipt unit, a joint stay at the end, and shall be numbered sequentially used to have a "send and receive materials list" when the warehouse sends the material to the receipt signature.


Sends the material process if an exception occurs, such as leather are too many failures, the same color material, color and other over three months, when the hair stops reporting to the competent materials.

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